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Better Oracle functions support

The goal of this project is to implemente some functions from Oracle database. Some date functions (next_day, last_day, trunc, round, ...), string functions and some modules (DBMS_ALERT, DBMS_OUTPUT, UTL_FILE, DBMS_PIPE, ...) are implemented now. Funcionality was verified on Oracle 10g and module is useful for production work.

The Better Oracle functions supportproject is a PostgreSQL Community project that is a part of the pgFoundry.

The GIT repository is available at http://git.postgresql.org/gitweb/?p=orafce.git;a=summary.

The pgFoundry page for the project is at http://pgfoundry.org/projects/orafce, where you can find downloads, documentation, bug reports, mailing lists, and a whole lot more.

NOTICE: Incompatibilities

There are some incompatible features already known. They might be ToDo items.

to_date() doesn't support 'spth' format.
Currently we use PostgreSQL's implementation for to_date(), but it doesn't support the format. We should re-implement to_date() in the orafce module.
to_date() doesn't raise errors when month or date are overflow.
For example, '13th month' is interpreted as Janualy in the next year in PostgreSQL, but becomes errors in Oracle.

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